Why Outsource to the Philippines

Most companies in the U.S and Canada outsource their work to the Philippines. There are numerous reasons why different industries are focusing on the emerging Hub – i.e. the Philippines.

In today’s article, we will talk about the Philippines being the best outsourcing hub for companies. We recommend you to read this article carefully so that you grasp all the essential information and get the most out of it. Read on!

Flexible Workforce

If you are running a company in the U.S, Canada, the UK, or any other country and you want to expand your business but you can’t hire employees because of high salary demands, you can rely on Filipino outsourcing companies.

The Philippines has over 60 million English speakers, which means they understand your requirements easily – so, you can recruit exceptional employees from a huge pool of talent.

Almost all outsourcing Filipino companies follow the standard work ethos and incorporate the latest infrastructure and technology tools, which help them work for foreign companies and help those firms grow quickly.

Fluent English speakers

The Philippines is a country that has a unique cultural influence on the U.S over it – especially during the 20th century. For instance, in 1902, the U.S sent over 500 language instructors to the country in order to help the local people learn English.

So, English is one of the official languages in schools, colleges, universities, and offices. Today, this country has occupied the third-largest position in the world – in terms of English speaking population.

Filipino workers make substantial efforts to speak English fluently and it is very hard for foreigners to identify whether they are talking to a native English speaker – such is the high level of perfection when it comes to American accents.

Skilful and Experienced

The Philippines is one of the most popular outsourcing hubs for call centres and customer support work besides India. Filipino Companies put stress on the importance of work ethos and potential skills.

Each of the employees working in an outsourcing company has higher levels of patience and good manners when dealing with locals and foreigners over the phone. They have an outstanding work ethic, which they consider the most essential component of their work. Filipinos are highly responsible, honest, and hold morality.

Employees in outsourcing companies are highly experienced individuals who know how to carry out their work for foreign clients in effective ways. Although they are skilful enough, these employees conduct workshops and seminars on a bi-monthly or monthly basis where the administration of the company instructs them on enhancing their skills and achieve the highest level.


Affordability, without a doubt, is the most important factor for the companies in the U.S or Canada. Since the great recession, most companies in the U.S go bankrupt because of

low productivity and higher costs. This likewise applies to the customer support department where a company does not have enough funds to hire skillful workers.

On the other hand, Filipino customer support companies or BPOs are the best in terms of highly skilled workers as well as cost-effective. It is because the cost of living in the Philippines is relatively low than the U.S, the UK, or Canada.

If you have a company in the U.S and want to outsource your customer support work to the Philippines, you need to choose a company that best fits your needs. With many years of experience and thousands of projects completed, Adept Outsourcing offers you exceptional services. Contact us today!

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