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Faced with high attrition and low customer satisfaction in their chat programs, our three-year client partner underwent a transformative hiring and management overhaul. This strategic shift led to a significant improvement in customer satisfaction, reduced hiring costs, and expanded business operations, demonstrating the power of effective non-voice support strategies.

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Identifying the Problem

Our three-year client in business services and solutions struggled with high attrition and hiring costs in their chat programs from Q4 2020 to Q2 2021, leading to inconsistent customer satisfaction due to mismanaged employee profiling.

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Our Solution

Implementing the “Chat!” Project, we revamped the non-voice hiring process with a focus on comprehension skills, higher typing benchmarks, and detailed assessments, along with realigning chat team incentives and scorecards.

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Improvement & Outcomes

This led to a 5%-10% increase in customer satisfaction within four weeks, attrition rates dropping to single digits, and over 20% reduction in hiring costs, culminating in business growth in Cebu.

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