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Everclean Carpet Cleaning

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Everclean Carpet Cleaning, a local family-run business, faced a challenge of limited job bookings, averaging only 2-3 per week. To address this, they partnered with Adept Outsourcing Services and implemented the innovative Avatar system. This strategic move resulted in a significant increase in bookings and efficiency, positioning Everclean as a leading carpet cleaning service in the local market.

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Identifying the Problem

Everclean was limited by a small customer base and an inefficient outreach method. Their traditional telemarketing approach, limited to 80-120 calls per day, was insufficient for expanding their client base and establishing a stronger presence in the local market.

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Our Solution

Adept Outsourcing Services introduced Everclean to the Avatar system, an automated telemarketing solution. This system increased the call volume to 450-600 numbers per day and offered a more personalized approach to customer engagement, overcoming the limitations of manual dialing.

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Improvement & Outcomes

The implementation of the Avatar system led to:

  • A dramatic increase in bookings, with Everclean securing 3-5 appointments daily.
  • Enhanced customer information delivery, resulting in more informed decisions by potential clients.
  • Streamlined and transparent quotation processes, fostering customer trust.
  • Significant operational time and cost savings due to the efficiency of the automated system.

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