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Invesco, a global investment firm, faced challenges in attracting clients to their investment orientation sessions. Common issues included disinterest in financial discussions, time constraints, and financial limitations among potential clients. Adept Outsourcing Services intervened with a custom solution to revitalize Invesco’s client engagement and acquisition process.

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Identifying the Problem

Invesco's primary struggle was engaging potential clients for their orientation sessions. The firm encountered a lack of interest in investment topics, busy schedules that limited client availability, and financial barriers that deterred potential investments. These factors significantly hampered Invesco's ability to effectively showcase their investment products.

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Our Solution

Adept Outsourcing Services proposed a customized approach to address Invesco's client acquisition challenges. This involved a sophisticated lead generation strategy that focused on making personalized calls to potential clients. The proposal aimed to increase engagement and interest in Invesco's services, overcoming the traditional barriers of disinterest and time constraints.

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Improvement & Outcomes

The implementation of Adept Outsourcing Services’ strategy led to notable improvements in Invesco’s client acquisition process:

  • An increase in the number of qualified leads, with Adept delivering 4-5 qualified appointments per day.
  • Enhanced client engagement through personalized communication, leading to greater interest in Invesco’s services.
  • More efficient use of Invesco’s resources, focusing on potential clients with genuine interest and investment capabilities.

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