Why Filipino Customer Service Agents Rock

Why Filipino Outsourcers Rock

Superior English communication skills…

Choosing Philippine call center services gives you access to the pool of one of the best English communicators available today. Compared to their Asian neighbors, Filipinos have a neutral accent which contributes to a better conversation and customer experience for your clients. Their high proficiency in the English language guarantees your clients will be understood and also understand the agents’ response. The Filipinos’ Business English skills actually bested other native English-speaking citizens’ in 2012.

World-class hospitality and customer service. Another admirable quality that Filipinos possess is their customer service skills. The Filipinos’ naturally friendly and helpful personality makes them among the most customer-centric call center agents there is. Choosing Philippine call center services increases your chances of creating positive customer experiences with every call. The result? Happier, more loyal customers and a growing bottom line for your business.

Strong government support. Choosing a call center from the Philippines means you are entering into a legal, professional and reliable business partnership. The steady growth of the IT and BPO industry in the Philippines is linked to the strong support that their government provides. Investments in education and infrastructure and favorable policies such as tax incentives for foreign call center investors have all added to the growth of call centers in the Philippines.

Westernized culture. A Philippines call center can actually help you engage your customers better. The Philippines was a colony of the US for over four decades, and their influence can still be felt to this day. Filipinos grew up immersed in the Western culture, from sitcoms to music to fashion. This makes it easier for them to converse confidently and establish rapport with customers from the more developed, Western countries.

Leads generation tips for new businesses.


Utilize social media to help share your content and get it in front of more of your target audience. Using blog posts to direct traffic to your website or landing pages is a great way of capturing higher quality prospects Instagram and Facebook are great social media platforms that can help generate highly targeted traffic and leads. Another reason for having a powerful social media marketing strategy is it will help you build a loyal and engaged following while getting highly qualified and targeted leads. Get to know your audience and share information that will help demonstrate your expertise. The last tip is to avoid focusing your posts solely on your company. Try interacting with your followers and try to be helpful because when a prospect is potentially ready to buy, they will more likely come to you and trust you as a supplier.


The number one key to your customer’s heart is having the correct data so you can target the right people at the right time. Lead generation is time sensitive. If you generate a lead and do not follow up within a reasonable amount of time, your lead will go elsewhere.


Always ensure that you’re able to track return on investment and allocate budgets by using trackable channels to attract your leads. One example that you should consider is Google Analytics. Google Analytics will help you analyze your website traffic and also report on your audience behaviour. Another platform that will help with your lead generation is HubSpot. This is an inbound marketing and sales platform that focuses on tracking your leads activity online and delivers marketing content tailored to their interests. Having all of your lead sources report back into one central system is critical to keeping your leads organized, tracking the effectiveness of and value of each lead source and ad campaign, and being able to effectively follow up with each lead.


When it comes to leads, you always want your sales department to focus on quality over quantity. Don’t waste time on unqualified leads and do your research to target audiences that have the highest change of buying your product.


Because lead generation is so time sensitive, it’s a good idea to divide your leads into short-term, mid-term and long-term to create a rolling pipeline. But why stop there, you can also have a set of criteria to define who qualifies as a prospect and what they have to do to move to the next level of the pipeline.


Did your competition just launch a new product or website? Always keep a close eye on your competition and track what they’re doing. You can use that information to create more effective ads and additional lead generation strategies of your own.


You must structure your commission scheme to reflect the skills and efforts that are required to help manage existing accounts and land new businesses. Perhaps even considering dividing your sales team into salespeople who focus on selling into new customer accounts “hunters” and account managers focused on managing the relationships with existing customers and growing their accounts “farmers”.


In order to get leads from your website, you need traffic and you need to make your call-to-action as effective and clear as possible. Make it clear and easy for your audience to understand exactly what you

want them to do and how they can benefit in return. Ensure that you have a compelling landing page so that when people come to your site it increases the odds of conversation.

Why outsourcing can grow your business!

Most firms and individuals who offer outsourcing services are able to execute their services for a considerably less amount of cash, since they do not give benefits to their workforce, and also have fewer overhead expenses to worry about, especially if they’re based in non-west nations such as China, the Philippines, or India.

Outsourcing also allows firms to pay attention to their key business functions while having other details taken good care of by outside professionals. A perfect example would be, understanding that telemarketing is one of the best ways you can get the word out about your new products or services you are launching (either internationally, nationally or locally) but then again accepting that it is not actually your company’s specialty.

You can easily partner with an outsourcing firm specialized in providing such services as you pay attention to preparing yourself for the endless questions resulted by the marketing campaign.

It also means that a huge amount of attention and resources on the hands of management experts can be used for more crucial and broader issues within the firm, and this is always a recommended thing.

The outsourcing firm responsible for the outsourced business functions is usually efficient and will often possess world class access and abilities to handle new technologies that a small firm simply could not afford to invest-in on their own.

Even more, in case a firm has chosen to expand its market, outsourcing is a budget-friendly way to start creating foundations in other nations too. Such business functions can be tasks such as web development, customer service, back office assistance, administrative assistance, promotions, development, manufacturing, design, sales, marketing, book keeping, accounting, and so much more.

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